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All include free consultation and skin analysis to determine most beneficial course.

ISUN Deluxe Spa Facial

80 min, $140


1 hour, $185

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This service creates a series of precise, controlled micro punctures into the deep layers of skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.  It also allows for the infusion of skin lightening agents and collagen stimulating creams for a dramatic evening of skin tone and texture improvement.

Custom Luxury Facial

50 min, $95

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This is a customizable facial which includes an enzyme peel and upgrade mask and serum combo for your unique skin type.  As with all my facials you will be pampered to the best of my ability with a head, neck and shoulder massage as well as hand and arm if time permits.

Deluxe Custom Luxury Facial

80 mins, $115

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This facial is the next step up in not only pampering but also in skincare.  Upon choosing the direction for your unique skin type and needs, we will decide on the level of exfoliation from mild enzyme peel to a deeper chemical peel.  There will be 2 upgrade masks included, along with a luxurious layering of our results driven serums chosen based on your skin care goals.  When it comes to pampering you can count on Sugar Lips to provide the best.  A head neck and shoulder massage, along with arm and hand.  While you relax with a soothing and restorative mask, hot towels will soothe your aching feet to prepare them for the foot massage.  This service is one hour and 20 minutes of bliss.

Add-On Services

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Full Face

75 min, $300

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Large Area

60 min, $150

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Small Area

30 min, $75

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Single Spot

10 min, $30

LED Skin Rejuvenation Service

20 min, $25

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This service can be added on to any skin care treatment to boost results and hasten healing time.  LED has been proven to stimulate new cell production and speed up cell turnover rate for anti aging.  LED also can stimulate blood flow and calm irritated and stressed tissues, making it ideal for enflamed acne and healing from invasive skincare treatments.


The benefits of sugar over waxing: The sugar does not adhere to live skin cells (unlike wax), therefore there is less irritation and sensitivity after a sugaring service. It's earth friendly! Sugar paste is made of sugar, water and lemon juice, so it is water soluble.

There are no wax sticks or strips used, so much less waste is created!

Important: Please no lotions, oils, or deodorant 24 hours before your service, it changes the hair removing effects of the sugar. Click here to read up on more sugaring tips to ensure the best results.

Sugaring Brow Shaping

30 min, $27

Sugaring Full Face with Brows


Sugaring Brazilian 4-5 weeks

15-30 min, $65

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This service is priced cheaper to accommodate clients who are on a regular schedule with their hair removal.  When you sugar within 4-5 weeks on a regular schedule there is less hair to remove and it comes in finer so it takes less time and is much less uncomfortable.

Sugaring Crack only

15, $20

Sugaring full buttocks


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The Brazillian sugaring treatment does not include the full checks, add this service on for a totally smooth, bare bottom.

Brow Maintenance Sugaring

30 min, $22

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This service is for regular brow maintenance to keep the shape that is already established.

Full Leg Sugaring

75 min, $110

Half Leg Sugaring

45 min, $65

Sugaring Brazilian Service

15-45 min, $70

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This service is for clients who are not on a regular 4-6 week schedule for their sugaring Brazilian service.


Waxing Brow Shaping

15 min, $25

Waxing Nose

15 min, $14

Waxing Ears

15 min, $22

Waxing Crack Only

15 mins, $20

Waxing Full Arms

45 min, $55

Waxing Half Arms

30 min, $35

Waxing Full Back

45, $75

Waxing Half Back

25 min, $40

Brow Maintenance

20, $20

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This service is for maintaining your already established brow shape.

Full Leg Waxing


Half Leg Waxing

30 min, $55

Lash and Brow Services

Eyelash Tinting

30 min, $22

Eyebrow Tinting

15 mins, $18

Lash Lift (with tint)

90 min, $85

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