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All include free consultation and skin analysis to determine most beneficial course.

ISUN Deluxe Spa Facial

80 min, $120

Acne Facial

80 min, $85

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This treatment is a deep cleansing facial with extended extractions and high frequency current to clear out clogged or impacted pores and kill acne causing bacteria.  It includes a peel, specialized serum and mask combination and an LED treatment.

Anti-Aging Facial with Enzyme Peel

50 min, $75

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This facial is deep cleansing as well as anti-aging.  This facial is customized based on your skin type and needs.  It includes an enzyme peel, extractions, a mask as well as a head, neck and shoulder massage.

Deep Cleansing Facial with Extractions

50 min., $55

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This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, a mask customized for your skin type and a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.  This is a great option for the client who hasn't experienced a facial before, since it's best to ease into it.  It's also a way for me to get to know your skin before we work with more specific and focused treatments.

Deluxe Facial

90 min, $95

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This facial is an hour and 20 minutes of bliss.  It includes a deep cleansing facial with a peel and mask customized for your skin type.  It also includes a head, neck, shoulder and foot massage.

Deluxe Facial With Chemical Peel

80 min, $105

Facial with Chemical Peel

50 min, $85

Facial: Special of the Month

50 min, $75

Back Facial with Enzyme Peel

50 min, $75

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This treatment is excellent for swimsuit season or winter dryness to eliminate impactions, exfoliate, hydrate and reveal smooth soft skin.  It includes extractions, an enzyme peel, scrub, clay mask with hot towels and relaxing massage.

Derma Planing w/ Enzyme Peel


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This is an amazing service that removes layers of dead skin from your face with little to no contraindications or down time.  I use a scalpel blade to gently scrape the layers of dead skin cells.  Then I apply an enzyme peel to give you the most effective results.  This stimulates new plump cell growth for a youthful glow.  It also helps with hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring with a series of treatments.


1 hour, $185

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This service creates a series of precise, controlled micro punctures into the deep layers of skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.  It also allows for the infusion of skin lightening agents and collagen stimulating creams for a dramatic evening of skin tone and texture improvement.

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Full Face

75 min, $300

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Large Area

60 min, $150

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Small Area

30 min, $75

Skin Classic: Electrodessication - Single Spot

10 min, $30

Add-On Services

Chemical Peel

20 min, $30

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Based on your skin type and specific needs and skincare goal, we'll decide together what type of chemical peel is best for you.

Cryogenic Rubberized Upgrade Mask


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These masks help drive essential results driven serums deep into the skin, as well as sooth and soften for beautiful instant results.

You can choose from:

  • Sensitive skin Mask
  • Brightening Vitamin C Mask
  • Anti-oxidant Red Wine Mask
  • Anti-oxidant Green Tea Mask
  • Detox Charcoal



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Your décolleté (upper chest) is often over exposed to the suns harmful rays but often neglected. Add this service to your facial to help reverse any signs of aging or sun damage. This includes everything that's done in your facial just extended to your neck and décolleté.

Enzyme Peel


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Based on your skin type, specific needs and skincare goals we'll decide together which type of Enzyme peel is right for you.

Khansa Wand Facial Massage

10 min, $15

LED Treatment

30 min, $25

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Repair and restore skin suffering from the effects of aging, acne, uneven pigmentation, and loss of elasticity. LED Is a revolutionary non invasive treatment that uses light therapy to address these issues. I recommend adding LED to any exfoliation treatment to enhance its effectiveness. For optimal results, I strongly suggest performing this treatment in a series.

Scalp Treatment

25 min, $30

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This combines the benefits of the high frequency comb, an organic fruit acid scalp tonic and a relaxing scalp massage to promote circulation, stimulate hair growth and cell renewal.

Microcurrent Facial Therapy Treatment

15 min, $30


The benefits of sugar over waxing: The sugar does not adhere to live skin cells (unlike wax), therefore there is less irritation and sensitivity after a sugaring service. It's earth friendly! Sugar paste is made of sugar, water and lemon juice, so it is water soluble.

There are no wax sticks or strips used, so much less waste is created!

Important: Please no lotions, oils, or deodorant 24 hours before your service, it changes the hair removing effects of the sugar. Click here to read up on more sugaring tips to ensure the best results.

Sugaring Brow Maintenance


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No brow shaping available with sugar.

Sugaring Brow Shaping

30 min, $25

Sugaring Full Face


Sugaring Full Face with Brows


Sugaring Lip


Sugaring Chin


Sugaring Neck


Sugaring Underarm


Sugaring Half Arms


Sugaring Full Arms


Sugaring Half Legs


Sugaring Full Legs


Sugaring Bikini Line


Sugaring Extended Bikini


Sugaring Brazilian


Sugaring Brazilian 4-5 weeks


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This service is priced cheaper to accommodate clients who are on a regular schedule with their hair removal.  When you sugar within 4-5 weeks on a regular schedule there is less hair to remove and it comes in finer so it takes less time and is much less uncomfortable.

Sugaring Crack only


Sugaring Half Back


Sugaring Lower Back


Sugaring Full Back


Sugaring Stomach


Sugaring Side Burns



Waxing Brow Cleanup


Waxing Brow Shaping

15 min, $20

Waxing Full Face


Waxing Full Face w/ Brow


Waxing Lip


Waxing Chin


Waxing Nose

15 min, $12

Waxing Ears

15 min, $15

Waxing Neck and Hairline

30 min, $20

Waxing Underarms

30 min, $18

Waxing Bikini Line


Waxing Brazilian


Waxing Brazilian (4-5 weeks)


Waxing Crack Only

15 mins, $20

Waxing Full Legs

60 min, $55

Waxing Half Legs

30 min, $25

Waxing Full Arms

45 min, $35

Waxing Half Arms

30 min, $25

Waxing Full Back

45, $50

Waxing Half Back

25 min, $30

Lash and Brow Services

Eyelash Tinting

30 min, $22

Eyebrow Tinting

15 mins, $18

Lash and Brow Tinting

40 min, $35

Lash Lift (with tint)

90 min, $85

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