Sugaring Dos and Donts

What to know before you come in for a sugaring service to get the hair free results you're looking for!



If you have an oil free body scrub or loofah at home, please use that to ex foliate the area you wish to have treated the day before your service. This helps ensure the best results


Please no lotions, oils, or deodorant 24 hours before your service, it changes the hair removing effects of the sugar.



Exfoliating the waxed area will be important when the hair is beginning to grow back, but be sure to wait AT LEAST ?? days post sugaring before exfoliating the area.

Enjoy your new freshly waxed area without too much touching (just to make sure oils and bacterial stay away).


Don’t do anything that would bring bacteria to the area at least 24 hours after a service. Some examples include: working out, sex, swimming in a public pool or jacuzzi, and tanning.

Don’t shave in between waxing appointments. This will make the hair growth uneven and harder to sugar the next service.

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