It's February at Sugar Lips!

Taking care of yourself and your skin during the winter.

While February is not the coldest month on average in Tucson, it has brought us the coldest individual days over the past few years; cold temperatures coupled with our dry desert air can be rough on your skin, especially your face which gets the most exposure. Take care of your face with extra moisturizer and make sure you drink plenty of water even though the temperatures are low.

Self care has been getting a lot of media attention recently, and taking time away from the demands of others to focus on you is very important: Drink a cup of your favorite tea while listening to your favorite music, go for a hike in the woods, take a nap or if your budge allows, splurge on a spa treatment.

Even more important than self care is self love: the regard for ones own well being an happiness. Self care is a component of self love, telling yourself that you are worth the time you spend on yourself, and it's best to chose activities that will reinforce that feeling of self-love: drinking tea keeps your body hydrated, hiking can make you feel energized and connected to nature, and taking a nap gives your body needed rest.

Indulging in a spa treatment is good for the body and the spirit because it helps care for your skin or hair, and gives you some high quality relaxation time-- a chance to empty your mind for a few minutes and let someone take care of YOU. In support of self love, Sugar Lips is offering a discount this month on two (or more!) treatments scheduled together and performed before the end of the month. Schedule your appointments now to ensure availability.

Don't forget our Vagaro product store.

Many of the products used at Sugar Lips are available in person at the spa when you come in for your treatment, but can also be purchased online and shipped directly to you for your convenience.

For February we recommend Hale & Hush's Sooth Essence Serum: It restores balance and hydration levels to stressed, sensitive skin, and supports skin's barrier function against cold, dry winter air.

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