Health and Sanitation at Sugar Lips

We just want to take a moment this month to assure all of our clients that Sugar Lips has always taken steps to clean and sanitize our treatment room and all equipment in between every client, using hospital grade sanitizer and barbicide. Good hygiene and cleanliness are central to good health and skin care, and making sure our clients can trust the spa environment has always been our priority. In addition to cleaning of the treatment room in between every client, the entire spa building is professionally cleaned on a weekly basis and spot cleaned as needed every day.

As always, if you as a client are feeling unwell or exhibiting any symptoms of illness, please contact Tasha to reschedule your appointment. If Tasha is feeling unwell she will contact you to reschedule your appointment. Please continue to practice good hand washing habits and skin care, and stay home and take care of yourself in the event of illness.

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